I support Lev Haolam in their efforts to help these families sell their products and I appreciate the amazing products that I get each month!!!
Georgia, United States
Caryn Broome
We love "exploring" Israel every month! The beautiful packaging, excellent products, and stories about the companies make us love Israel more and more!
Kansas, United States
Jean Kenworthy Balthazor
The value greatly exceeds the cost of the boxes. I'm so excited every month when they come! They're filled with things we genuinely use or would buy.
Washington, United States
Amy Jury
My first package arrived today and I am really happy. Thank you very much for all the products. I really like them especially the beautiful ceramic oil bottle and the cosmetics
Schweinfurt, Germany
Birgit Barthelmes
We fell in love with this service!! Can't wait for our next box. Thank You so much!! May the love of Yeshua be with you!!
Florida, United States
Trenton N Rachel Knepp
We are SO psyched!! We just received our very first package and LOVE every single item! Thank you Lev Haolam for putting together this wonderful package!!
Illinois, United States
Pam Haumesser Barber
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