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Important Shipping Updates:
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Hi! It’s Rivki with Lev Haolam, and I am in our warehouse.

Where the packaging is happening for the special box that we are getting ready to send out to all of our subscribers around the world!It is incredible to see how many countries this beautiful special box is going to and we just wanted to let you know that despite the circumstances in Israel right now despite the fact that there is a war we are standing strong over here!

We’re working! Nothing is going to stop us!

Behind me you’ll see all of these packages that are getting ready to go out the door. We already shipped about 1,000 yesterday. We’re gonna ship some more today and tomorrow.

They are headed to the airport. Of course with there being a war sometimes things do change from moment to moment so please just have a little bit of patience if your box is late. But God willing it’s gonna get there right on time! And we can’t wait for you to receive it!
for your understanding and continued support during these trying times!