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I see the words of Ezekiel coming to life before my eyes and in my hands
"The prophet Ezekiel (36:8) describes a day when the children of Israel will return to God's holy land and the mountains – forlorn and forsaken – will come to life once again, yielding fruits and herbs."
With trembling hands, I hugged my wife, Naomi. Tears rolled down her cheeks, my tears frozen in my eyes. We collapsed on the floor in the middle of our house, covered ourselves with a piece of blanket, and sobbed for a few hours in a row, not believing what had happened.

I am Shlomo Keshlet, and this is my story about how God blessed my family and me by sending us a challenge.

My wife Naomi and our children lived in Netzarim - an Israeli settlement in the heart of the Gaza Strip. Life near Gaza, as you can guess, was dangerous.
In Netzarim, I was engaged in organic farming, mainly cherry tomatoes, and we exported most of it abroad. In 1998, when our fourth son was born, it filled us with joy and happiness. In an instant, the worst nightmares of any parent came true. Our son was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. However, an insight came later to us.
God did not send us a terrible challenge but instead blessed us with a son with Down Syndrome.
To celebrate the birth of this special child, we named him Elnatan, which means 'God-given.' Despite all the difficulties, the birth of a child brought beautiful changes in our family's life. Therefore, in 2004, we decided to leave the dangerous Netzarim and move to the Benjamin region.

Then I firmly decided: just as the Lord gave us this pure soul, I had to take responsibility to allow my son to join the Holy Land and Israel community, as our whole family did.

While Elnathan was growing up, I was always frightened by the question - what will happen to him after high-school graduation? Unfortunately, there is no employment decision for him in our area. But the birth of a special boy gave many blessings to the family, one of which was the opening of the ADVA family business.
When I first arrived in the community, I worked in a local olive oil plant, learning about this ancient and holy fruit and the value of its oil and fragrance. As my fascination with oil grew, I studied the art of artisan soap making as a hobby. Then I realized my vision for the future - I should open a factory close to our home. So I began creating soaps using a natural cold-press method to preserve the benefits of the unique natural ingredients, such as pomegranate seed extract and olive oil. As a result, our soaps and skincare products are cruelty-free, chemical-free, and made from natural ingredients that grow in and around the Binyamin region. It is amazing how everything we need for our health is already here. God puts these herbs in the ground for us to discover and benefit from them.

Nowadays, ADVA is a trustworthy family business. Moreover, the company became an excellent opportunity for Elnatan, providing a place for him to work. Elnatan is the head soap wrapper. To every soap he wraps with smiles and love, he pays careful and joyful attention.
Do you want to support Shlomo and hundreds of others family businesses in Judea and Samaria to develop the Holy land?
At some point, I realized that Elnatan is not the only special child in our area. There are many such people, and they all need support and confidence in the future. Therefore, we decided that our family factory should be unique and always inclusive of all people.

Today, 4 of our workers have special needs. Two of them are Didi Sasson (29) from Psagot, with Down's Syndrome, and Ariel Abramovich (24) from Kochav Hashahar, who uses a wheelchair. Ariel was severely injured in a motorcycle accident that changed his life forever. Before the accident, he actively volunteered for emergency rescue organizations.
Ariel is responsible for the development of the soap. This operation was challenging to perform with both hands at the beginning of his work. However, since he started working in the factory, he has made great strides in movement and speech. In addition, working at ADVA has boosted his self-esteem.

Didi is in charge of packaging the soap, and his relationship with Ariel is rare. However, when they work together, they inspire each other.
"I'm happy to be able to make money, just like before my injury," says Ariel, and Didi adds: "I love the work in the factory, and especially the fantastic smell of the soap. This smell which felt throughout the factory, cannot be ignored. "
All of them found a home with ADVA and can earn their living in a way that brings them the satisfaction of making a difference and being part of, perhaps, the most enthusiastic, loving team we have ever met.

Workers have been hired part-time, each according to their characteristics and ability to work. People won't have to show up for work at eight to four, but everyone will have as many hours as they can. Their salary is much higher than the average labor market for workers with special needs - 50 percent more. I insist on this, even if it means higher costs and lower profits.
For 2,000 years, the hills of the Benjamin region sat dormant. Today, we plant, and the land has come back to life. It flowers so quickly, and it is as if the land has been waiting for this moment, as if the ground is calling out to us, 'Plant me. I want to return to you." The more we connect to this land, the quicker we will usher in redemption. When I harvest these herbs, I become one with the land.

On the other hand, it is complicated to run a family business in Samaria as this region has been most affected by terror and international boycotts in all of Israel. In addition, with the coronavirus pandemic coming down on our heads, the global distribution of the products becomes impossible. Our things were going very tight, and there was not enough money, our sales were very sluggish. But God sent us help. Lev Haolam found us and offered cooperation. Since then, sales volumes have grown significantly, and we could afford to expand our production. Thanks to the help of Lev Haolam subscribers, we were able to finally purchase an air compressor, which was a vital machine for us. We were also able to give new job opportunities.
Lev Haolam unites supporters of Israel around the world. It's a large community of caring people who want to help but are far beyond Israel's borders. Lev Haolam is an opportunity for those who are not indifferent to help our family business and hundreds of other small producers in Samaria and Judea. So we can all together lead the Holy Land to prosperity.
Genesis 12:3 teaches us that "I will bless those who bless you." God will bless those who bless you [Israel]. You can take a stand for Israel. Bless Israel today, and may God bless you in return.
Everyone can be a partner in the development of the land of Israel. All you need is to subscribe to Lev Haolam monthly packages filled with handmade products only for 99$. It is minimal for some, but it means a lot for Israeli artisans and their families. We put in monthly packages not only goods but also our blessings and prayers for each subscriber.
Subscribe today and help REAL people to perform a holy mission!
Psalm 37:27: "Flee from evil and do good, and dwell forever."
My dream is to sell enough soap to create a large enterprise where all the biblical heartland's young adults with special needs – Jews and Arabs – could work with us, connecting to the Holy Land.
Just ordered my first box an I so excited. Wish I could have joined months ago, but God chose to bless me now so I will accept his timing!
Charlotte Gratter
I subscribed a few weeks ago using your link! So I received the first box to my home yesterday, I am so glad it has arrived in good state! I am grateful to hold theese lovely products in my hands. The nice designed boxes that provide us with information, affirmations and prayers, are adding a lot to the conseption of the love of land and its producers! Thank you❤️
Anna Brown
Take me to your family! I just signed up. I love Israel and believe that those who support the Jewish people will be blessed!
Sabrina Peters
I have been looking for so long how I can get closer to the Holy Land. I finally found it! Thank you. God bless you and Israel!
Shaun Newman
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