The Song of Songs package
Based on the enchanting Song of Songs which describes the bounty of Israel. Now enjoy the products!
The Song of Songs, also known as the Song of Solomon, is a lyrical poem that celebrates the beauty and bounty of Israel. It is a love song that describes the deep and abiding relationship between God and the land of Israel. The poem is filled with vivid imagery that captures the sights, sounds, and flavors of the Holy Land.

Experience a small taste of the bounty and beauty of the Holy Land, and feel a deeper connection to the eternal love between God and Israel with this box.

What's inside:
  • Exquisite wine made of luscious grapes from outside Hebron
  • Luxurious cosmetics containing pure herbs from the pristine Judean desert and enriching Dead Sea minerals
  • Invigorating tea inspired by the crystal-clear springs of Ein Gedi
  • Flavorful spice mixes with aromatic Hyssop, traditionally used in offerings to the Divine
  • Unique necklace containing precious soil from diverse regions of Israel
  • Stunning book of the Song of Songs beautifully printed by Naumburg and Drori
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Sonie Brown
I absolutely was delighted with my 2nd box!❤️ Every item exceeded my expectations even though I have seen these posted by others. No doubt what we are trying to describe is that each item we are receiving has been saturated with prayer and for this I am so thankful! Each box I’ve received has the anointed fragrance of the Lord that delights the heart. ❤️
Susan Goodwin
My June box arrived tonight!! The detailed artwork put into the beautiful box holding the Song of Songs Book left me in awe! All the items in the box were, as always, crafted with love, care, and with quality product. I can't wait to try the tea! Lev HaOlom never fails to bring a little Israel into my heart each month
Debbie McAllister Mann
So excited to get my second shipment!! Fascinating, great quality items. Thanks so much!! ❤️
May HaShem bless Israel and all his people! May whole World Knew that Israel has HaShem at their side! I hat a blessing arrive !!!!!

Iveta Kunčarová Brązowymiecz
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From fine wines to olive oils; aromatic spice and tea blends to delicious snacks; natural healing cosmetics and perfumes; and MUCH MORE, you will get the BEST of Israel straight to your door!
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