Through the monthly surprise box
Strengthen your connection with Israel
Premium artisinal products. Free shipping worldwide since 2014.
Shipping worldwide since 2014
Premium artisanal products
Free Shipping
More than just a box
A Lev Haolam subscription is a new way to strengthen your connection with Israel. Each purchased surprise box helps Israeli artisans, who strive to fulfill the Holy Plan.

This is not a donation. This is help! Real help for real people who want to work in their historical homeland and support others.
A FEW WORDS FROM our subscribers
We buy directly from Israeli producers and ship the box
Jewish artisans produce goods with love and blessings
You subscribe to a monthly surprise box and start to help
You receive handmade goods and stories of the artisans you have helped!
What's inside the box?
Luxury Jewelry
Lovely Housewares
Delicious Sweets
Aromatic Wine
Fine Ceramics
And much more
Delightful Judaica
Quality Cosmetics
Superb olive oil
Made with love in Israel
100% kosher
Handcrafted goods in every box
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Every box brings
you closer to Israel
The monthly surprise box with 7-9 handcrafted items
per month
Family businesses
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Shlomo Keshet -
ADVA Natural Treasures
Shauli Levitam -
A pioneer of Israeli baking
Batya Erdstein -
Ceramic artist
Yohanan Mazor -
Nicole Yehezkel -
Shoresh Body & Soul
Yonatan and Shelly Schwalm
Shelly's Nut Butter
Benny Movshavitz
Drimia Honey and Drimia wine
Lev Haolam is surely about helping Israel but beyond that a community of special people who share religious values. You can be in any place in the world but find your brothers and sisters with whom you can share your concerns and your hopes.
The Lev Haolam Family group is where everyone can get support and favor. Today, there are more than 3,000 members in the online community who candidly share their views and amazing stories. Finding like-minded people is much easier than you think. Join us and feel that you are at HOME!
We are a diverse group of Israelis, some Sabras (native born) and some who have returned home to our ancestral homeland from as far away as America and South Africa.
What unites everyone on the Lev Haolam team is our love for the land of Israel and its people. We all value the opportunity to do work that we love, and to be part of the development of Israel, particularly the Biblical areas of Judea and Samaria.
The Lev Haolam office is located in Kfar Etzion, one of the first modern Jewish settlements in Judea. Our office is part of a shared work environment with several Israeli enterprises.
The Lev Haolam warehouse is the centralized location for all our packing and shipping.
Meet our producers working in Samaria and Judea and discover their personal stories
Shlomo Keshet is fulfilling his mission in Israel.
Inspired by his son Elnatan, born with Down Syndrome, Shlomo provides a place where people with special needs can work and feel love and appreciation. Shlomo produces a wide variety of all-natural and organic soaps with healing properties.
Produces soaps
Shlomo Keshet
Batya teaches workshops for all ages and special needs groups.
Batya is a loving mother of six and a new grandmother to a beautiful baby born to her eldest daughter. She creates gorgeous hand-fashioned ceramics using clay from the Holy Land, infusing her creations with her prayers for those to receive them.
Creating ceramic
Batya Erdstein
Nicole Yehezkel sells natural cosmetics and medicinal products from Israeli-grown materials – herbs, oils, and flowers.
Nicole's home is her laboratory, and the fields surrounding her home are her supplier of natural wild-grown ingredients!
Produces soaps
Nicole Yehezkel
Every family we have helped is a driving force towards the Holy Land's prosperity
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