For lovers of Israel ,
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For lovers of
Israel , this is an exclusive club
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Thanks to thousands of dedicated lovers of the Holy Land, we can place large orders from small businesses across Israel and arrange them into special monthly packages to be sent to our family of amazing subscribers!
With a monthly subscription, YOU can invest in the Holy Land and help business owners provide for their families!
How can you help Lev Haolam support small Jewish businesses across Israel?
This way we can support the rejuvenation of the Holy Land and help brave Jewish pioneers provide for their families!
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the Holy Land is yours!
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From biblical spice mixes made in the Judean Hills to the purest olive oil cultivated in family orchids in northern Israel; and stunning Judaica pieces and ceramics inspired by the scenic Hebron Hills and desert landscapes
A monthly package from Israel
is filled with delights you can only get from the Holy Land!
From the purest olive oil to the finest wines...
Join the Lev Haolam family today and claim a free gift produced exclusively for you by talented Jewish pioneers in Israel!
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Ever since the founding of the modern-day state of Israel, many have tried to prevent the successful rebirth of the Holy Land. While the enemies of Israel are many - whether the BDS movement or hostile neighbors - many are the lovers of Israel who are more passionate and dedicated to the Holy Land than ever before!

This is what Lev Haolam was founded for.
To fight the good fight and support dedicated Jewish pioneers who humbly want to provide for their families, make a living, and work the land of their forefathers.
Lev Haolam proudly exists to help Jewish families and small business owners living in the Holy Land.
Israel pioneers need our support!
And we can't do it with YOU!
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