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Celebrate Tu B'Shvat with our special offer - receive our monthly surprise box and have a tree planted in the Holy Land in your name. A portion of funds from each new subscription will be used to plant trees in Israel, supporting reforestation efforts.It's the perfect way to celebrate Tu B'Shvat!
This idea has never been more important than in these times of restoring the Holy Land.Planting trees is a traditional way to celebrate the festival of Tu B'Shvat, and our special offer makes it easy. We'll send a portion of the subscription fee to plant trees in Israel so that you can enrich the environment of the Holy Land from the comfort of your own home.
Celebrate The Land with Lev HaolamOn Tu B'Shvat, we celebrate trees and the glorious bounty that they produce. It's a time to deepen our connection with the land and the importance of responsible, respectful stewardship.
Celebrate the land with Lev Haolam
Bring the flavors and aromas of Israel to your table.
Oils, Sweets, and Spices:
Delicious drinks for every occasion.
Teas, Coffees, and Wines
Biblically-inspired items with a deep connection to the Holy Land.
Organic skincare products made with exquisite Israeli ingredients.
Traditional pieces to enhance your home and wardrobe.
Housewares and Jewelry
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What’s in the box?
With Lev Haolam's monthly boxes, you'll discover a carefully curated selection of handcrafted goods made by Israeli artisans. Each box offers a unique experience as the products and producers change every month.
In each box, you can expect to find:
How it Works
We purchase goods from our producers in bulk, then carefully pack our boxes and send them out to our customers. With Lev Haolam, you get to experience exceptional Israeli-made products while directly supporting our artisanal producers.
The process is simple:
*You will also get a special certificate recognizing your contribution to the planting of a tree in Israel.
Step 1
Visit our website and place your order
Step 2
Receive your box direct to your door
Step 3
Open your box and discover the fine products inside
Step 4
Repeat and enjoy a new selection of Israeli products every month!
Cancel any time for any reason
100% satisfaction guarantee
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Tu BiShvat Special Charity Offer!
Per box / billed monthly
your own tree planted in Israel!
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At Lev Haolam, we're dedicated to promoting and sustaining Israeli artisans. Each of our producers is a small, Israeli-owned business crafting exquisite products using the finest Israeli ingredients and materials.
Our producers
When you support Lev Haolam, you are supporting the livelihoods of Israeli artisans – empowering them to thrive in the Holy Land.
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