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  • Organic Cosmetics & Soaps
  • Handcrafted Ceramics & Works of Art
  • Delicious Snacks & Treats
  • Fabulous Olive Oil, Spices & Spreads
Each item is a reflection of the unique artistry and spirit of the people of Israel.
Every month we carefully curate a collection of goods to enchant our subscribers with truly soulful and heartfelt items:
Each month a true journey through the Holy Land!
What Makes
Our Boxes Special
We can't wait for you to experience the special magic that comes with every delivery!
The products in each box are crafted by Israeli artisans who overcome life's challenges.
Each product in your box represents a family that is called to the land with a holy vocation. Each one of these products is uniquely made in Israel and rich in intention and story. Your subscription doesn't just enrich your own life, it supports many families, helping them prosper in a harsh landscape.
Each month, we search for local producers who need support and feature their unique goods in our boxes. In this way, we help provide these artisans with a fair trade.
Get Inspired by Our Grateful Artisans!
In 2022 we helped over 100 Israeli family businesses with our amazing subscribers from more than 79 countries.
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Discover one-of-a-kind products from farmers, winemakers, cosmetics producers, confectioners, oil and soap makers, artists, and potters across Israel exclusively with Lev Haolam.
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Our handmade goods infuse the homes of our subscribers with the heart and soul of Israel.
Partner with us as we work to break cycles of poverty.
Your subscription supports and sustains artisans and their families in the Holy Land!
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