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  • First-hand news about Israel every month
  • Invitation to the community of changemakers "Lev Haolam Family
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Your package will be shipped out from our warehouse in Israel within 2-12 days of your subscription. You can expect an additional 2-3 weeks of air travel until final delivery. Your package will follow the same schedule for the duration of your membership.
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Yes, you can always cancel your subscription, at any time for any reason. For faster handling, all cancellations are emailed to
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Free! The shipping costs of your package are built in to the monthly price of $99, so no extra shipping fees are required.
Are the packages available internationally?
Yes. Lev Haolam ships to over 130 different countries each month.
What do I do if an item in my package is broken or missing?
We work hard to ensure that you get to enjoy the best that Israel has to offer. We pack everything to the best of our abilities. Items may get damaged during shipment. Please contact us at if anything in your package is damaged or missing, and we will address the matter immediately.
How can I track my package?
Tracking information is emailed to you when we print out your shipping label. You will receive a tracking number to the email address with which you have subscribed. Please note: since the tracking number is sent out a few days prior to shipping - it may take up to 7 days for the initial tracking update
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