We continue to support Israel with your help despite the war. Shipments may be delayed.

Dear supporters,

Israel is facing a murderous war of terror, marking its gravest challenge in the past 70 years.

Terrorists from the Gaza Strip have invaded Israel, killing hundreds, injuring thousands, and kidnapping people, including women and children. We are in mourning but united.

Members of Lev Haolam and our partners were drafted into service. In their absence, we're redoubling our efforts to support those who remain on the home front. We continue to work, collect and ship boxes.

Your support and solidarity, as we navigate this tragedy, means the world to us.

Due to a temporary halt in air traffic, you may experience delays, but rest assured your parcel will arrive!

In times like these, it's evident that we're more than just a community; we're family. As part of the family, our combined strength will pull us through.

Thank you for your support. We'll keep you posted on what's happening here.

Stay strong. Stay connected. Stay with Israel!

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Everyday hundreds of hard working business owners in Judea and Samaria are suffering because of the anti-Israel movement. These kind people want to make an honest living but struggle to sell their goods due to unfair restrictions. They are the pioneers who strive daily to breathe life into the biblical regions of the Holy Land.
With Lev Haolam you can help to change the lives of artisans and their families without leaving home. You will be part of a life-giving force that is helping Israel to thrive.
This is not a donation. This is help! Real help for real people who want to work in their historical homeland and support others.
Make a difference with our caring community of change makers!

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How it works
We will personally meet Israeli artisans and hand select 7-9 products for your box. Shipping is free. Your box will ship within 10 days of your order.
Open your box and enjoy! Every month is a surprise. You can expect honey, oils, tea, wine, organic cosmetics, Judaica, and much more. All the food products are Kosher certified.
Israeli artisans do not need a donation. They need the ability to sell their products fairly without sanctions. Join Lev Haolam to purchase high-quality products from artisans.

Enjoy and repeat

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Fine Ceramics
Quality Cosmetics
Lovely Housewares
Delicious Sweets
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Delightful Judaica
Luxury Jewelry
A safe future to the children of the Holy Land
Jobs to people with special physical and emotional needs. Many of our suppliers employ and work with Israelis with special needs.
Inspiration to Israeli artisans to create new unique products
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they are supporting us in A meaningful way
Lev Haolam producer
Lev Haolam is surely about helping Israel but beyond that a community of special people who share religious values. You can be in any place in the world but find your brothers and sisters with whom you can share your concerns and your hopes.
The Lev Haolam Family is a group in which everyone can get support and approval. As for today there are more than 3,000 members in the online community who candidly share their views and amazing stories. Finding like-minded people is much easier than you think. Join us and feel that you are at HOME!
We are a diverse group of Israelis, some Sabras (native born) and some who have returned home to our ancestral homeland from as far away as America and South Africa.
What unites everyone on the Lev Haolam team is our love for the land of Israel and its people. We all value the opportunity to do work that we love, and to be part of the development of Israel, particularly the Biblical areas of Judea and Samaria.
The Lev Haolam office is located in Kfar Etzion, one of the first modern Jewish settlements in Judea. Our office is part of a shared work environment with several Israeli enterprises.
The Lev Haolam warehouse is the centralized location for all our packing and shipping.
100% made in Israel! You can cancel anytime!
Any country! We deliver all over the world.
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