Strengthen Israel & Your Shul
with a Lev Haolam Surprise Box That Gives Back!
  1. Connect with Israel through exclusive products.
  2. Generate funds for your shul.
  3. Support exceptional Israeli businesses.
Exclusive Referral Program for Synagogues by invitation only!
We are a Jewish-owned and operated company based in Kfar Etzion, Israel. Founded in 2014, we aim to help small businesses in Israel overcome daily challenges and withstand the pressure of the international anti-Israel boycott.
We are proud to connect the diaspora community to Israel through our monthly surprise package project. Members receive beautifully curated packages with 7 -9 exclusive, kosher, made-in-Israel items.
Who We Are
A Lev Haolam subscription is not tzedaka. It is grassroots support for boutique companies and artisans in Israel.
In 2022 we shipped 136'381 boxes to 79 countries creating global goodwill and support for Israel.
We help 373 Israeli businesses in Judea, Samaria, East Jerusalem, The Golan Heights, the Jordan Valley, and other vulnerable communities.
Supporting these businesses means more security for their communities. Jobs are created, and more families can settle in the yishuvim. Parents can afford education and enrichment opportunities for their kids, and Jews can live with dignity in their homeland.

Our Impact

A 75th birthday offer not to be missed!
Your shul will receive a cash rebate with every subscription from your congregation, friends, and family. Use it at your discretion. (Rabbi's discretionary fund, kiddush club, women's group, beginner's services. You decide)

Your benefits

Feel Connected to Israel
You and your members will enjoy feeling closer to the Jewish homeland with unique products you can't buy at your local kosher market. Discover the culture and genuine traditions of Israel.
Generate Funds for Your Shul
By joining our program, you can generate funds for your shul to be used as you see fit . Support your community and help your shul thrive.
Impact Israeli Communities
As a subscriber, you'll discover remarkable Israelis and their businesses, and you'll be able to make a positive impact on Israeli communities.
Monthly Showcase:
Every month your synagogue will receive a special toolkit to facilitate communication with your congregation. Lev Haolam will send a complimentary box to your synagogue filled with high-quality, unique products from Israeli artisans.
Dedicated Assistance:
The Lev Haolam team will create a custom webpage for your synagogue, outlining the benefits of the assistance program. We'll also provide email templates and other promotional materials to help you effectively promote our box to your members
Revenue Sharing:
Your synagogue will earn up to $100 from each subscription your members initiate.
Sign up to participate in our special program. We'll provide everything you need to succeed.

How It Works

How much can your shul earn?

Earn exceptional rewards as the number of subscribers you refer grows!

  • 0-50 subscriptions: $50.00 per subscription
  • 50 - 100 subscriptions: $75 per subscription
  • 101 and more: $100 per subscription

Please note: To be eligible for rewards, we'll only count long-term subscriptions made through your referral link. One-time purchases won't be counted towards your rewards."

Minimum amount for payment is $500 (10 subscriptions).

Your free toolkit

Toolkit updates sent monthly from Israel
A printable one-pager that is optimized for black and white photocopying. You can share this with your members during shul events and services when appropriate.
Email templates designed to promote our program and effectively communicate its benefits to your members.
A personalized one-page website created exclusively for your Shul as part of our services. This platform will help your members have a better understanding of our support program and allow them to sign up for their subscription seamlessly. Moreover, your members can share the website link with their friends and family, helping expand your reach and increase your funding.
Upon joining, you'll receive three boxes of Israeli goods to showcase to your members.
Media materials, if relevant, that can be used on your social media pages, such as Facebook or Instagram, or your synagogue's website. These materials will help you effectively promote our program and increase awareness among your members.
Add a touch of Israeli flavor to your Shabbat table
Delicious Food & Spices
Satisfy your sweet tooth with dates, honey, halva, chocolate, and more
Organic Sweets, Rejuvenating Tea & Coffee
Add unique artwork and Judaica to your collection.
Original Judaica & Jewelry
Use high-quality skincare made with unique Israeli herbs and minerals
Exclusive Organic Cosmetics
Add touches of Israel to every room in your house with handmade art.
Beautiful Ceramics &
We surprise and delight our supporters with new, uniquely Israeli products every month.


Watch the Unboxing
Enjoy an unboxing video with a product overview of one of Lev Haolam subscription boxes.

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