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We are a Jewish-owned and operated company based in Kfar Etzion, Israel. Founded in 2014, we aim to help small businesses overcome daily challenges and withstand the pressure of the international anti-Israel boycott.

We are proud to connect the diaspora community to Israel through our monthly surprise package project. Members receive beautifully curated packages with 7 -9 exclusive, kosher, made-in-Israel items.
Who We Are
Add a touch of Israeli flavor to your Shabbat table
Delicious Food & Spices
Satisfy your sweet tooth with dates, honey, halva, chocolate, and more
Organic Sweets, Specialty Teas & Coffees
Add unique artwork and Judaica to your collection.
Original Judaica & Jewelry
Use high-quality skincare made with unique
Israeli herbs and minerals
Exclusive Organic Cosmetics
Add touches of Israel to every room in your house with handmade art.
Biblically Inspired Ceramics & Housewares
Every month we carefully curate a collection of goods to enchant our subscribers.
Each item reflects the spirit of Jewish creativity.

What's In the Box

The products in each box are made by Israelis living in vulnerable communities. They face challenges daily, from terror attacks to the international boycott of Israel. (BDS)

We search for small businesses and farms across Israel producing the best Israeli artisanal products. Many of these small businesses have been hit hard by BDS and need support.

They gain international customers and support by being featured in our boxes. Each product in your box represents an entrepreneur, a family, and a community in Israel.

Your subscription is more than tzedakah. It's grassroots support for Israel.

What Makes Our Boxes Special

In 2022 we shipped boxes to 79 countries creating goodwill and support for Israel globally.

Our Impact

We help 373 Israeli businesses in Judea, Samaria, East Jerusalem, The Golan Heights, the Jordan Valley, and other vulnerable communities.
Our producers set fair market prices on the products we buy in large quantities. Their businesses scale and become more profitable, creating jobs in Israeli communities.
From Jerusalem and Hebron to the Golan Heights and Gush Etzion — explore the Holy Land's treasures with every box.
Lev Haolam Box
  • 7 to 9 curated items in each box
  • Items from different artisans each month
  • Two free digital "Cooking in the Heartland" cookbooks
Israel's 75th Independence Day Offer
/ month
Renews at $99.00 every month
Monthly Subscription
23% OFF
One-time coupon for the 1st box
Special discount
Two cookbooks
Israeli digital cookbooks
Here’s How It Works
Sign up for a Lev Haolam subscription plan and receive a monthly shipment of up to 9 carefully curated items for $99.00 per box, billed monthly.
Step 1: Join Lev Haolam
Enjoy the products in your box. Post photos and videos of your products online, and invite friends to join us in empowering Israeli artisans, farmers, and small businesses.
Step 2: Am Yisrael Chai - The Nation of Israel Lives!
Each subscription can generate up to $100 in revenue for (NAME OF SHUL). Also, you can invite your friends and family to subscribe through this exclusive page, and together we can increase the funds raised for your shul!
Step 3: Raise funds for (NAME OF SHUL)
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Watch the Unboxing
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Our handmade goods infuse the homes of our subscribers with the heart and soul of Israel.
Partner with us to strengthen Jewish communities in Israel
Your subscription supports and sustains artisans and their families in the Israel!
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