This New Year, bring Israel to you – and support Israeli artisanal producers
Why not start a new tradition in 2023?
Start the new year right with a Lev Haolam subscription. Our boxes bring the warmth of Israel into your home with a surprise selection of exquisite Israeli artisanal products every month.
Ready to start?
How does it work?
We make it easy to enjoy a new Israeli adventure every month, wherever you are in the world.
Your first box will ship the Monday after your first order.
We will pack your box
Recieve, Enjoy and repeat
What's inside the box?
In each box, you’ll find a selection of exquisite goods made by Israeli artisans. The products and producers vary every month, so each box is a wonderful surprise!
You can expect to find:
Natural skincare, handmade from precious Israeli ingredients.
Teas, Coffees and Wines
Delicious beverages for every occasion.
Oils and Spices
Bring the taste of Israel to every mealtime.
Housewares and Jewelry
Charming pieces to wear and enjoy in your home.
Beautiful Biblically-inspired items, full of soul.
Tempting treats made with love from the fruits of Israel’s bounty.
It’s bigger than the box
With a subscription to Lev Haolam, you can support Israeli artisans right from your home. We buy products direct from small Israeli businesses and ship them to our supporters worldwide.
This way, our producers get a fair deal and our subscribers get a delightful surprise each month – one that really makes a difference.
You and your family can enjoy a new adventure through the heart of Israel every month with the Lev Haolam monthly box.
By subscribing to the Lev Haolam monthly box, you’re making a valuable and meaningful difference in the lives of Israeli artisanal producers and the communities in which they live. Not only that, but you’re also bringing the warmth of Israel into your home!
Let Lev Haolam bring Israel right into your home!
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