Dear Supporter of Israel,
We are Lev Haolam, the leading subscription box service from Israel.

We invite You to join our Israeli Family where you can give your support and love to Israel and feel its love in return.
Join our members assisting over 1820 heroic families in Israel, creating a bond between you and them.
Our surprise boxes introduce you to these families revitalizing the Holy Land with farming and crafts, producing olive oil and dates, honey and chocolate, salt and spices, tea and coffee, traditional sweets and snacks, books and art pieces, cosmetics, jewelry, and so much more.
Thanks to our monthly surprise boxes, over 30,000 of our members have already connected with Israel since 2014.
We are the Lev Haolam family
Over 30,000 members have trusted us!
We have delivered on our promise to deepen their bond with Israel by allowing them to feel its love in return.
We are the
Lev Haolam family
We have delivered on our promise
to deepen their bond with Israel by allowing them to feel its love in return.
Our employees are dedicated to learning everything about our precious country. We explore the country, interact with its people, and witness how they breathe life into Israel through their work. Living life this way every day gives us expertise in this remarkable nation.
The Lev Haolam Company is based in Israel, near Jerusalem, and cares passionately for and feels loved by Israel.
Every day, our utmost priority is
to bring happiness to our members.
With almost a decade of experience, we've connected thousands of people with Israel, spreading love worldwide through over 1,380,000 boxes.

We truly value our members and are dedicated to resolving any issues they may encounter. If your box doesn't arrive or arrives damaged, we'll promptly send a new replacement box. Our customer care team is always here and happy to help you. You're our priority!
10 years of experience
more than 30,000 people connected with Israel
Every day, we receive dozens of grateful testimonials, like this, "My life with Lev Haolam just got brighter! Every month, I eagerly await my surprise and always receive much more than I expected. I'm thankful to fate for finding such an amazing company and becoming a regular member. Now, Israel is always with me!" We've amassed over 1,570 reviews on Trustpilot and Facebook, showcasing an amazing volume of positive feedback from our satisfied members.
At Lev Haolam, we wholeheartedly believe in transforming the lives of our members for the better.
Our mission is to bring them as close to Israel as possible, filling their lives with its love.
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