With Your Subscription, You Experience
Our Philosophy: A Mutual Benefit
Our membership is founded on a win-win philosophy: artisans are justly compensated, and you receive genuine, heartfelt gifts.
Enduring embrace of Israel’s Love
Exclusive items of immeasurable value
Our Promise to You
With our boxes, we aim to provide you with an invaluable feeling, akin to the love and care from your loved ones.
Israeli Family sharing your values
Deepest bond with Israel and its people
Direct impact on Israeli communities
Each month, you receive full-sized products delivered straight from Israel. These are not just gifts; they are pieces of Israel itself, crafted exclusively for our members.
Physical Bond
Items in boxes are inspired by the Bible and sourced from regions of biblical significance. Engaging with these products enrich your spiritual ties to the Israel.
Your purchases have a direct impact on the lives of Israeli families. You feel a deep camaraderie as you share their victories and challenges.
Emotional Bond
How can I feel the love of Israel?
Your experience with Lev Haolam goes beyond conventional support for Israel.
Spiritual Bond
Discover more benefits with each box!
Even though you're far away, you can still feel a part of Israel and its vibrant life. This closeness will let you truly experience its love
Each Lev Haolam box is like a mini-tour of Israel right in your home.
Get producer insights, regional news, educational webinars, and more.
Our items feature biblical motifs and human warmth.
Our producers share more than products — they share Israel's heart with you.
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